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Sport Psychology

Welcome To Mind Power MPC 

Thank you for arriving at Mind Power MPC. If you are looking to develop in your sport, create self-awareness of how you perform under pressure, and realize your own potential while competing, you are in the right place!

Mind Power MPC is committed to providing athletes, coaches, and parents with a dedicated service to educating the community on mental performance and assisting athletes and coaches realize their goals and improve their well-being.

Mental Performance Consulting

What is Mental Performance?

Mental performance refers to the psychology of sport performance. It involves what athletes and coaches think, how they feel, and what they do in training and competition.

Athletes spend many hours conditioning their body to develop speed, strength, endurance, and agility. In addition to working on their physical fitness, the same approach must be taken to develop their mind.

Mental performance training involves building skills to improve motivation, develop resilience, create self-awareness, improve confidence and self-belief, and to communicate effectively with teammates and coaches.

What is Mental Performance Consulting?

A Certified Mental Performance Consultant® (CMPC) works with athletes and coaches to develop skills and strategies to improve sport performance and enhance personal well-being.

Specific areas CMPCs might work with athletes to manage stress, develop self-awareness, create routines, refine goals and develop motivation, practice imagery, and improve self-confidence.

CMPCs in Canada hold designation through the Canadian Sport Psychology Association. They are trained in sport and exercise psychology, have a high level of education, and have gone through a thorough review process to be granted Professional designation in Canada.

Sport Psychology
Sport Psychology

One to One

Athletes work with an CMPC on a consistent basis to improve sport performance and manage the demands placed upon them through their sport and life. Sessions involve assessment and a cooperative  plan to address key areas in improving their mental performance. 


Sport Psychology


Athletes and coaches participate in educational workshops on mental performance topics. Sessions will be designed to meet the needs of the group, and topics will vary depending on the context of the sport. 

Sport Psychology
Sport Psychology

Long Term 

Groups or teams work with an CMPC over an extended period of time. Long  term services involve mental skill assessment, one on one sessions, team sessions, and workshops depending on the needs of the client. The consultant may travel with the team to competitions.

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