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Athletes and coaches can access the
following services with Mind Power MPC
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One to One

One to one sessions involve athletes working with a mental performance consultant on an ongoing basis.The sessions are designed to improve their sport performance and address the demands of their sport and life balance. The consultant and the athlete will work cooperatively to create an individualized program for the athlete.

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Workshops are intended to provide education for groups and teams on different aspects of sport psychology and mental training. These sessions are interactive and provide participants with an applied focus on how they can integrate new skills and strategies into their sport performance. Topics are tailored to meet the groups needs and developmental stage. 

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Long Term

Long Term arrangements involve one on one sessions, group workshops, and team sessions over the course of the season and in preparation for a major tournament or provincial/national championship. Each Long Term plan will be tailored to meet the needs of the players, coaches, and support staff.


Mind Power MPC is proud to have worked with the following organizations:

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